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How to Dance in Ohio is based on Alexandra Shiva’s Peabody Award-winning documentary film about the real experiences of autistic young adults.


The How to Dance in Ohio team recognizes that this musical only represents seven autistic characters, and their families and experiences, at a particular moment in their lives. The characters and situations in the show are based on real-life people from the Amigo Family Counseling Center portrayed in the documentary How to Dance in Ohio. As shared in our musical, “If you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person!”

We acknowledge that How to Dance in Ohio does not represent the entirety of the multifaceted word “autism” and what it means to be neurodivergent or disabled. It’s often said that “autism is one word to describe millions of different stories” (source: Stuart Duncan). We bring this musical and these seven characters to our audience not as a representation of all neurodiversity, but from the perspective that this show aims to start a broader conversation regarding autism, disability, and inclusion in the commercial theater industry.

We strive to reflect our understanding of such topics as preferred by our cast, crew, and creative team, including autistic self-advocates and allies. On that same note, because of the evolving nature of disability and autism-related topics, it is possible that a perspective was not represented or that language has changed. Your opinions and feedback are important to us; please email if you believe there is something we should consider or that we possibly missed. We’d be grateful to hear from you!



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